All That Jazz x nrtya ft. Rhythm Shaw, Gino Banks & Anurag Naidu

at The Little Door, Andheri West,
on 26th July.

Rhythm Shaw:
Rhythm Shaw is a 21 year old guitarist who was hailed as a child prodigy at the age of 8. Rhythm is also a multi-instrumentalist, with abilities to enthral audiences on the tabla. His styles range from jazz, metal, and progressive rock to the massive experimental soundscapes in between. His allure has enchanted and enthralled audiences worldwide, with his album being one of the highest grossing CDs in Germany.

Gino Banks:
The son of Louiz Banks, India ‘s legendary jazz pianist and composer, Gino is a versatile player, which leads him to performing and recording with artists and bands of all types of genres.

Anurag Naidu:
A classical turned jazz pianist, Anurag studied in Paris at the Bill Evans Piano Academy. Having played with legends like AR Rahman and Zakir Hussain, he has a unique style on the piano. His approach of the trio setup is based on creating a fresh texture of sound, something he always tries to explore through his arrangements of standards and in his own compositions.

Rhythm Shaw (Guitar),
Gino Banks Official (Drums)
And Anurag Naidu (Keys)

That’s Orjazzmic!


Rhythm Shaw’s album is one of the highest grossing CDs in Germany.
Gino Banks, who is the son of Loius Banks is known for his versatility.
And Anurag Naidu has played alongside legends like AR Rahman and Zakir Hussain.

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