You woke up! Good work.
You then got dressed and pressed into your ride and got to work. Great job!
And then you met the boss and got a little stressed. Well…
Alright then, up up op… it’s time to race the clock. Work .Work. Work. Coz there’s a deadline on the hook.
Print a sheet, shoot a mail, book a flight, cancel that meeting. JSRs and PNRs and QnAs and get-outta-da-way.
Catch up for lunch? Catch up?! Are we moving slow? Guess it’s time to run again. Yo!
Chit-chat. Rant Rant. Another late evening. Sulk Sulk.
And finally when you’re done with work. They say let’s chill!
But where?
They say look up a nice new place. With the right music and maybe happy hours. Possibly a nice Live gig or smooth Jazz, or maybe Electronica?
Is That Right! Did we just get more WORK?!

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